Certified Executive Life Coach Course

Certified Executive Life Coach Course

450.000 د.ك

An internationally registered and internationally accredited training curriculum

The training package contains

  • 6 video training classes, illustrated practical exercises

  • A training bag consisting of 8 training chapters

  • Practical exercises for each chapter

  • Session templates

  • One month follow-up

A certified executive life coach course for the first training system in the Arab world to qualify certified life coach professionals to practice self-employment

Training content

  • Oriented to lead working relationships

  • Leadership Relationship Coaching at work

  • contracting practices

  • Ways to implement working communications

  • router performance

  • Focus on Power Performance Coaching

  • Client language monitoring

  • Customer language coaching

  • Life direction dynamics

  • Life-Coach Dynamics

  • Client

  • Coaching the client

  • Orientation tools

  • Executive Coaching Tools

  • Practical approach to coaching and mentoring

  • Practical approach to Coaching and Mentoring


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