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Life Coach Trainer Diploma

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Life Coach Trainer Diploma

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Life coach diploma, advanced qualification level trainer that qualifies you to present and conduct practical sessions for the public and groups. It contains 10 specialized training programs

The duration of the training is 12 training weeks to finish, graduate and obtain a diploma

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Content of the training diploma

  • Coaching Foundation Program
  • Practitioner program to perform and tasks of the coach
  • Work rules and conditions program for the trained mentor
  • Work skills practice program for the trained mentor
  • Coach performance program within the sessions
  • Personal Coach Preparation Program (Communication Skills)
  • Trainer coach program and session management
  • Coach Marketing Business Plan Program
  • Coach summaries and tests
  • Organizing work sessions for the trained coach

Benefits of qualification as a coach

  • Execution ability: Coaching enhances the responsiveness of individuals to their work and the ability to benefit from the programmes.
  • Content that presents the knowledge that programs can train to the audience.
  • Flexibility: You can work flexibly in offering programs to any of the groups you target.
  • Free choice: You can choose the programs that are related to the nature of your work that you can implement in all areas of life.

You get the opportunity to provide various coach training programs and later obtain 7 coach programs to train as a coach after signing the contract:

  • Positive thinking
  • Self coach
  • Setting goals
  • Coach for motivation
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • communication skills
  • Organizing thinking

The programs that you get are free to implement and train the participants in your programs. It contains the license and approval for its training.


How to get started

After completing the study period and obtaining the certificates, you will receive a work document that shows you the work steps and the mechanism for submitting your work in your sessions. And after you contract with us to provide the media you need to successfully manage your sessions.

The importance of board trainers

Your presence on the board of trainers gives you the opportunity to work with a team of trainers and learn about their experiences and raise you in the board from a trained member to a supervisor of trainers to a responsible board member in a work team and a member of the board of directors later.



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